Monday, October 05, 2009

Randomness v.1

- My husband got his wallet back, minus the cash, but we had already cancelled the cards. Now we wait for the new cards to arrive. All the hassle, less reason!

- Chase has been sleeping nights in his bouncy seat next to my bed. I need to get him sleeping in a crib but I'm too lazy to walk to him when all he really needs is the paci shoved back in his mouth... Maybe soon.

- Grant is adorable! He is always saying funny things that I just can't believe are coming out of his almost 4 year old mouth. They are less funny by the 50th time he says them.

- Grant really should have a "kid" party for his birthday but I just can't seem to get my s**t pulled together. Maybe more on that another day.

- Brianna is a fashion girl and it's driving me nuts. Only certain items of clothing are good enough, and some of those only get worn once before being deemed not good. I can't even buy clothes with out her, or she won't wear them. She's 6!!! not 16!!!! UGH.

- I am determined to be busy this week! Today I tackled both Target and the grocery store. Tomorrow- I'm thinking projects around the house. Later in the week, topics include shower grout, toilets, and taking outgrown clothes out of closets.

What fun my life is!

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