Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Who needs this?

Does a 4 year old need his friends at a birthday party?

We are obviously having all our family and close friends over to celebrate Grant's birthday. We always do, for both kids. That will be a dinner at the house "thing".

He wants a friend party too. I don't remember if Brianna had a friend party at 4... 5- yes, 4- I don't think so. However, Grant has attended birthday parties for about 6 of his friends, and more invites came this week for the upcoming month or so.

  • I feel like he will notice, and feel shafted, if he attends birthday parties of friends but doesn't host one.
  • Will the friends, or more accurately, parents of friends notice and think I don't like them?
  • Is the expense worth it? The last thing the kid needs are cheap toys...
  • Where to go? What to do? Is it too late?

Mommy is a bit of a wreck over this. It should be easy but, it's not. I need to decide FAST. If I'm going to do this, I have to get it booked and get the invites out by next Monday. UGH.


Jamie said...

1. How likely is it that G's friends' parents will find out there's anything going on (or not going on) and actually care enough to feel excluded? I'm confused - are these people psychic?

2. Grant is 4. I'm willing to bet that he won't remember not having a kids party next year, when he does.

3. I don't remember B having a 4th "kids" party, but then again, I can't remember what I ate for breakfast.

4. Don't stress yourself out. You have their entire lives to figure this stuff out - do whatever you want, and don't apologize for it. :)

Lorena Twatwaffle said...

I had a 4th bday party for Aaron and included his friends. We invited everyone over to the house and kicked them all outside to play. Ordered pizza, ate cake and called it a day. It was fun in the end and a bit hectic.

Anonymous said...

Crap, wrong account. That last comment was from me.