Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween "recipe"

Do you love s'mores? Really- who doesn't?
But in our house we just don't have the time to make a fire and sit in the cold while roasting marshmallows. (Read- we are lazy and it is raining.)

Therefore... S'mores Shortcuts!
The principle is the same, 2 graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallow.
  • Lay one-half of graham cracker on paper plate.
  • Top with one-fourth of Hershey bar. (Or tiny "individual" chocolate bar that you stole from the kids Halloween candy) (also excellent with dark chocolate!)
  • Top that with one marshmallow.
  • Microwave about 15-20 seconds; just until the marshmallow starts to puff up, but watch them because if you leave it alone, it will explode!
  • Take out of microwave and immediately cover with remaining half of cracker. Push gently to "smoosh".
  • Enjoy!

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