Monday, September 29, 2008

And it got me thinking...

Jamie's comment on my last post made me think...

How did I feel about having two kids who were more independent and vocal? Why did I want another little one who couldn't talk or help themselves in anyway?

And I realized- I don't mind that they are helpless- I kind of like it. I like being the provider of all things good; food, dry diapers, cozy clothes, comfort, love.

I have no delusions- I'm sure I was frustrated from time to time when my kids were babies. Like the nights that Brianna would cry unless we bounced her; she especially liked going up and down the stairs around 2 am! Like the month I returned to work and Grant absolutely, flat out, refused any style of bottle we could find.

BUT- I never held it against them, they were babies, that is what they were supposed to do. Actually, now I think I hold things against them more, and get more frustrated. When Brianna waits until the last possible minute to tell me she has to go potty and we are running through the Target or Jewel. Or when Grant chooses to get angry and throw or hit rather than using his words, words I know he darn well has by now.

I am some sort of crazy person- I prefer the helpless little baby. At least I know what to expect!

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