Monday, October 06, 2008

Cutie Pie!

Grant's language has finally reached a point where not only is he clearly understandable, but he understands the context of phrases. I am constantly floored by his knack of using the right phase at the right time!

While tickling him last night, I stopped to cuddle him close for a minute and he breathlessly said, "Oh, I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe!" I laughed so hard- I couldn't either!

When picking him up from his bed this morning, he said "I love you mommy, but I'm too tired to get up." I made him repeat the "I love you" part at least 3 times!

When his sister did a new gymnastics trick in the family room, he clasped his little hands together and said, "That's so cool Bri- Good Job!".

Too cute Grant-man! I love you too!


Jamie said...

OMG too cute! He is a button. Did Mom tell you that Bri and Grant walked all over my back yesterday to help get the camping kinks out? Grant was so proud that he could walk from my feet all the way to my shoulders without falling off.

Jo said...

Did he follow up by sitting on your head?

When Adam or I let him walk on our backs, he likes to step off and put his feet right by our ears, then sit on our heads.

Love the back adjustment, hate the diaper chaser!

Jamie said...

Thank God, no...I didn't get the butt hug.