Monday, December 04, 2006

'Tis the Season

My mom always says 'tis. She even used to call us "Tizylish" but I don't really know what that means and it isn't what I'd planned on talking about today...

I love December!

I love the snow in December. (I hate it in Jan and Feb but that too is a different story.) My Birthday is in December, the 22nd, just in case.... you know. But I especially love all the family and decorating and hot cocoa and lights.

This weekend, we put up our brand new 8ft tree! It looks amazing, and was super easy thanks to the whole pre-lit thing. Even putting on the ornaments only took about 30 minutes. We were lucky enough to have the wonderful help of a 3 year old dynamo and were not impeded too much by the 1 year old fuss-budget. Brianna loved hanging ornaments on the back of the tree. I'm not sure but I think she liked saying excuse me and squezing by her parents as much as possible. We don't quite have enough ornaments for the new, bigger, tree but that was ok because we can't put anything at the bottom anyway. Grant will just break it or eat it!

I haven't yet put out any of the rest of my decorations, but all the boxes are just sitting in my living room waiting for me. I am a little obsessed with snowmen. By the end of this week, every decoratable surface of my first floor will be covered with snowmen, women, children, and families. This really works for me. Adam was raised Jewish, I was raised Protestant, we haven't really settled on an organized religion yet for our family but we celebrate both faiths. Snowmen are religion neutral. And they TOTALLY work in northern Illinois where winters are full of snow.

I do however draw the line at snowman/seasonal sweaters! I'm 30 people, not 300!

For Hannakah this year, my mother-in-law bought me a very nice, soft sweater... covered in snowflakes and polar bears. I love that she tried to buy me clothes. I love that she even remembered the turtleneck to go under the sweater. I do however plan on returning the sweater. Howard, Heather... please don't tell her, it just isn't necessary. I think I'll share more faux Hanukkah info later.

Later this week I'm planning a photo montage of my best and worst things about December...

and where did my spell check button go?


Anonymous said...

We have the pre-lit tree too. I love it. We just got it last year and I was overjoyed at how simple it was to set up and decorate. 30 Mins. tops. Whee... More time for Irish Coffee...yum.

Jamie said...

I will be your spell check.


Just a couple suggestions. ;)

That sweater sounds...unique. What a cute gift, though, and seasonally appropriate!