Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's the little things

My son, my wonderful 14 month old son, has started making connections. This is such a fun phase to watch.

This week, I was putting on his coat to take him home from daycare, and he started waving good bye! No one had to tell him to wave, he just knew that when the coat comes on, we leave. I was very touched by it. He is growing up very fast. Now that he is walking, he finally seems to have a personality. He's a touch of a drama king, but it's him.

On that note; file this under "bad mommy".
My son doesn't wear a coat most days. He has a coat, I just don't put it on him. Instead, I put him in a hoodie. In my defense, it's a warm hoodie. AND- I really am looking out for his safety. His real coat is very huge, very puffy. SO puffy, he doesn't fit in his carseat! Yes, ok, I know, I could uninstall his carseat and adjust the straps in the back. But I haven't. It's cold outside, it was in the single digits last week!... I know, thats exactly why I should do it, he needs the coat. And now I have gone in a little circle! I'm a bad mommy running in circles!


Anonymous said...

I never used a big, puffy coat either...too much for the little bodies to handle in the car seat...You're not a bad mommy at all.

momof2blondegirls said...

AWESOME HAIR! You look so young! Not almost 30 at all. More like 21. Your hair makes your face look more slender as well! Great choice. I LOVE IT!

Coats: who needs em? I do the same thing. I think most mom's do. Carseats suck in the Winter time.