Monday, December 18, 2006

Thanks for asking...

Hi Wonder Mom! Thanks for asking...

I felt OK about Brianna leaving. We'd been away from her before, but my parents had come to our house. This was her first sleepover at someone else's house. I must have told her I loved her about 50 times, and reminded her that I'd see her tomorrow about 30! I was a little choked up when I drove away with an empty car, but looking back, I was more worried about how she'd handle it than I was upset that she was away.

My folks said she handled it really well, until the drive back to our house. Then, in her 3 year old mind, the drive was just too long. I guess when your 3, 90 minutes feels like 900. She was very clingy when she got home but it was TOTALLY worth it!

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Anonymous said...

Whee...A personal post just for me!

I'm so glad you both handled it. Great job gals.

I envy your strength. I am still not capable of summoning up that kind of courage. I am proud of both of you.