Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy, Crappy New Year

I had planned on posting today to wish my 6 readers a happy new year and tell you all about my wonderful break. (If you're new to my insanity, I am a teacher and didn't have to work between Dec. 22 and Jan. 8).

That all flew out the window this morning.

At the daycare center I normally love, this morning I hated. Both of my children had to move up to new classrooms after the break so this morning was understandably nutty. Bri took everything very well, she didn't seem disturbed at all by the new classroom since she still had her good friends and one of her former teachers with her. We'll see how she feels when she realizes it's permanent and not just for a day or two.

Grant is another matter entirely. My baby boy made a big change. He has no familiar teacher faces. He doesn't care much about the other kids, but they are at least familiar. This morning, Grant cried when I put him down in the new room. He cried when I held him in the new room. He SCREAMED when I handed him to the teacher. He even did that little twisting thing that only small children can do... while being held by the teacher, he turned his torso fully around to reach for me with both hands while screaming and kicking.

I know, he'll be fine. At least 8 different people today have told me "He'll be fine". In my brain I know that after a few days (weeks at worse!) he'll adjust and he really will be fine. However, today my brain can't tell my heart that because my heart is broken.

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Anonymous said...

You done good.

I can't even imagine SF in a drop off situation...I'm getting myself ready...For September. Ugh.

You know, you're a teacher too, they always are's just different when it's your own.