Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Be Strong

It finally happened.
Yesterday I had to follow through on one of those threats I seem to use too often.

At gymnastics, Brianna refused to go into the gym without me. She has been enrolled in the "big-girl class" for months but her new teacher is male. We have had a hard time getting her to go in and do her warm-ups but she has always gone in by the time they started the real stuff. This week, she REFUSED to enter.

I tried walking in with her, and leaving when she got to the group. NOPE.
The teacher tried sending one of the other kids out to get her. NOPE!
The female receptionist tried walking her in. NOPE!
- At this point I started threatening to go home.-
We stood at the door.... she clung to my leg.... I could not get her to tell me why...
- I threatened to take her home.-
The receptionist tried again... I tried again... the kid from her class tried again...
- I put on her first shoe.- BLOOD CURDLING SCREAMING ENSUED...
We went to the bathroom... I tried again... I tried again...

She kicked and screamed as I put her coat and shoes on. She cried and screamed, mostly the word "No", all the way home. She pouted and fussed for an hour afterwards.

But people... I made my point dang it! And I hated every minute of it. I tried not to laugh, or cry, as she screamed. I tried and tried again to get her to go participate. I tried to talk her down, I tried to talk myself down. I'm a teacher, I know that you have to make a point sometimes. But today, I am very sad.

I'll let you know how it goes the next time...
What do you think? Should I switch her to the class with the female teacher?


Anonymous said...

I have gone through that recently. I thought maybe my daughter just wasn't ready. I took her home and continued in the Mommy & Me class. I think she needs to separate more than hating the teacher...I am at a loss too.

But you did the right thing by following through to your may not work next time and you may have to do it again...but I think if she really likes the class after time, she'll go in if she wants to instead of going home.

But then again, really, what do I know.

momof2blondegirls said...

Viv was in tumbling in Dixon and HATED the female teacher. She cried everytime I took her there and begged not to go back. I didn't want to scare her off of that forever, so I took her out and then 2 months later, talked up the new gymnastics program I found in Rockford also with a female teacher and she LOVES it. Sometimes I think it is the teacher, but other times I think more it is that she wasn't ready at that time. In 2 months, her attitude changed and she was more willing and independent to do it on her own and try new things. Maybe take her out of a month or two and see what happens when she returns home. Just a thought from one mom to another. Love ya!