Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Just Plain Crazy

Well, since we last "spoke" I have sabotaged myself yet again.

Friday my students turned in a research paper they have been working on....Let's see.... 99 research papers x about 10 min. each to grade= almost 17 hours of grading! I bet you never looked at it that way when you were a student did you?

So I should have spent every spare minute reading papers over the weekend right? NOPE! Didn't read a single one. Saturday, had a lovely day just playing with Bri and vegging out on the couch. Sunday... Well, Sunday I'll get to in a minute. SO ANYWAY- I took Monday off work and graded papers all day long (sort of) and I got through a little over half of them. Now it's Wednesday, and here I am typing this instead of grading.... I am just plain crazy!

SUNDAY- On Sunday we decided that since we didn't have anything better to do, we would enter Brianna in a Beautiful Baby Contest. Literally, we decided based on the fact that we had nothing else that day, it was just something to do. We never thought anything would come of it...
4 trophies!

-Best Snapshot
-Best Smile
-4th runner up girls age 15-23 mo.

-Overall point total winner age 15-23 mo.

Before you think I've gone all Patsy Ramsey.... This is a natural baby contest with advertising as it's ultimate goal. That means, NO makeup or pageant tricks. They want natural babies/toddlers who have personality. NOT tricked out pageant kids with coaches and angry moms!

So all in all... Crazy as usual, but fun all the same !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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