Thursday, January 27, 2005

Why I love my life

Yesterday was a perfect day! My work day was relatively easy and without trauma. I worked one-on-one with a fabulous student who learned an entire dance in a half an hour, even though she is not a dancer by nature. It's not the best dance I've ever created, but it fits the play well and I am proud of it. Then I went to McDonald's and had a very peaceful, fattening, dinner by myself. (Which I thoroughly enjoyed! Sometimes I like being by myself). OK- going on, I went to grad class, participated in some lively discussion that reaffirmed my desire to progress down this particular career path, and even got done early! So I got home in time to hold Brianna, play with her, and watch my favorite TV shows!

The one kink in the day was that as I tried to put Bri to bed early, which she sorely needed!, it seems that her crib rail fell off it's sliding track! I have no idea how such a thing happened, and we were only able to make it worse last night when we tried to fix it.... But we (Adam) came up with a good temporary solution and I'm sure we will manage to get it fixed this weekend.

But all in all, Yesterday, just when I needed it, showed me that I can be crazy busy, and still love it! SOMETIMES!

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