Friday, January 07, 2005

general random thoughts

Today I just need to get out some general random thoughts! I'm not going to spell check and I refuse to edit myself today.

1. We had a huge snow fall this week here in Chicagoland and as a teacher, I had every finger, toe, and other extremity crossed hoping for a day off... no dice! Despite the fact that my 25 min drive took almost an hour (due to horrible road conditions) and our district had several minor bus accidents (due to ice), no day off for me! Now, if your not a teacher, you are already thinking that I get plenty of days off and why do I need another one for goodness sake? WELL, I DO! It's not like I can just take a day off whenever I please. In your job, if your not there, the work just waits for you until you get back, or someone else does it and it doesn't matter. Thats not how it works for teachers. If I take a day off, I have to plan ahead all the work I would have done that day and leave copious notes so someone who isn't a teacher can attemp to do all the things I have been trained to do. And THEN- I have to re-do parts of it when I return to make sure it was done right so I can successfully go on to the next hundred things I have to do. UGH- Why didn't I become a banker or some kind of corporate person? I need to win the lottery or something and take a year off.

Which leads me to:
2. I just got to spend the most amazing two weeks with my daughter. I forget sometimes how much happens in the 8-9 hours I'm at work everyday! Now that we are all back in our work/daycare routine, I miss her horribly all day long. I pains me to hear all the wonderful things she did each day because, while I'm happy she did them and that she had a happy day, I missed it.

3. Yesterday, I missed the first time she played in snow! I can't really blame the babysitter, all the kids were outside playing in it, she couldn't make my daughter stay inside just because I wasn't there to photograph or video tape this big event. I'm really sad. I hope the rain holds off long enough to atleast get a second snow experience on tape this Sat.

4. Why do they make white gloves for children? I purchased this adorable little rose colored jacket for Bri (my daughter) and with it's light pink roses, it just seemed to need this cute little winter white gloves. I know rookie mistake right... any experienced moms could have told me this was a bad idea, but I didn't know! But why do they make gloves that after 10 min in the snow look like the've been run over by 10 dirty semi-trucks? This weekend I'm going to find a snowsuit that will go with black gloves! Or maybe I should just finish off the white ones and dye them.... hmmmm

ENOUGH! I'm going to spend my spare time today teaching myself how to add pictures and links to this site. It's time for me to get my butt into gear and be a more active part of the blogging community.

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