Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Happy New Year!

Perhaps it is a little later than normally accepted, but Happy New Year to you all. I hope your holidays were as wonderful as you wanted them to be.

I am back at work after a restful, but never long enough, break from school. We had a wonderful Christmas with my family, I had a lovely relaxing, but fun, birthday, and our New Years was uneventful.... just the way we like it.

Our biggest accomplishment over the last week or so was completely re-organizing one of our rooms so that we could have a play room. It became painfully clear to us as we were driving home from Christmas with my family, unable to see out the windows of the SUV thanks to piles of presents and toys, that we need more storage.

People had always warned me that as babies grow into toddlers, the toys get bigger along with the child... I now completely believe them! We were already quite tired of the entire family room being taken over by toys of all sizes, and that was before Christmas! We are now petrified... and quite convinced that toys reproduce themselves when the owners are sleeping. There is something about blocks and LEGOS and "pop-onz" that I have now discovered, no scientist will ever be able to prove it, but toys really can reproduce. I am quite sure that in a very "Nutcracker" type way, that they come alive at night and have merry little dances and such.

Regardless, Thank you to all of our loving family for your generosity. Brianna can now fully compete for the "Most Spolied Toddler in the World" award. She may not understand how lucky she is (at least not for longer than her 90 second attention span!) but her parents truely do and we love you all for loving us that much.

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Jamie said...

Am I seriously the only one who reads this site and knows how to comment?! Hope you are doing okay with the snow falling up there - maybe you'd better be super careful and just take Bri's wagon around town. Ha! :)