Thursday, February 24, 2005

Today, I worked at work!

Oh productivity... let me count the ways,

Today I:
1. Finished ALL the grading I had waiting for me.
2. Taught 4 adequate lessons which kept the children entertained and engaged.
3. Updated my computer gradebook so that I could...
4. Provide each family with an updated grade next week.
5. I returned parent phone calls!
6. I cleaned up the clutter in my classroom.
7. I planned my next MONTH of lessons
8. I'm updating my blog
9. I'm going to sit through 5 hours of conferences tonight
10. I'm going to be painfully sweet rather than say the things actually going through my head.
11. I will get home in time to play with Bri and relax with nothing left to worry about for tomorrow! Isn't that the best of all!

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