Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Since turning 6 years old...

Brianna has perfected the following skills:
- teenage attitude
- yelling at her mother
- stomping off to her room to pout
- flipping out over "nothing"
- being stubborn
- doing things before asking if she can

She has taught herself these new skills and is working on perfecting them too... as long as she can do EVERYTHING by herself:
- Getting breakfast
- Pouring drinks (milk and juice, not THAT kind of drink people)
- using a chair to get down dishes she needs
- cooking anything that can be cooked in a toaster
- using the interactive cable guide to select shows on the TV (and turn to them herself)
- getting dressed, usually in clothes far to dressy for the day's activities

Mommy is FRUSTRATED!!!! Growing children are tough! especially without the aid of liquor!

1 comment:

Stephanie mama drama said...

Oh, YIKES!! I'll drink with you.

You're child and mine are both living proof that divas are not made; they're born!!