Friday, August 07, 2009

I'm not sure I was right...

I have a standing policy to NEVER turn down a night out! I don't get that many opportunities and constantly wish I did, so when a friend asks if I can go out, I go. I don't care what the plan is- I'm there if at all possible.

In about an hour I need to be a couple of towns over to meet up with the ladies for dinner and a movie. Dinner, a necessity... Julie & Julia, not my choice but looks interesting. Going out- not really caring!

After sitting at the conference the last 2 days- I missed my kids and being at home. I'd like a quiet night at home in my sweatpants to reconnect with them and my hubby. However- it's girls night out tonight.

Oh Well, of course I'll make the best of it. Or at least the best I can do without liquor!

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