Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A day of torture and bliss!

After many, many days with the rambunctious children at home and mommy getting frustrated that they just can't seem to entertain themselves, the kids went to camp today! (Bliss).

The first item on my agenda for the day was a 3 hour glucose tolerance test. This is a more advanced test they give to preggo ladies if they fear you are showing signs of gestational diabetes.
- First you have to fast for 12 hours (torture)
- Then you have to have blood drawn (torture)
- Then you have to drink this VERY sugary drink, something similar to flat Sprite with extra sugar added to make your teeth ache. (torture)
- Then you can have nothing but water for the next 3 hours while you sit around the hospital. (torture)
- During that time they make you pee in a cup AND take blood every hour. (torture)

After the Oh-SO-FUN glucose test, I drove myself straight to my favorite restaurant for a lunch that was way to expensive for a normal day, alone. But after not eating a single thing for over 16 hours now, I figured I deserved something special, not drive-thru crap! (Bliss)

I followed that up by one of the best massages I've ever had. (BLISS!) If you ever go in for a pregnancy or maternity massage, you have to call around and find someplace that has the special pregnant/belly cushions. It is this great series of cushions they put on top of the normal massage table and it has a lovely cut-out/dent for the big-ole belly! It was the first time I've laid on my front in probably 5-6 months and even without the wonderful massage, I could have just laid there and enjoyed the weightlessness of the belly for the whole hour! Baby liked it too, he was kicking up a storm!

The moral of the story is... Who cares? I am relaxed...


My Husband Calls Me Weird said...

so jealous. completely.


Jamie said...

oh fun! i am frightened for the time when I cannot sleep on my stomach, as I currently do and have done every night of my entire life. i don't care about the other pregnancy side effects, but it's the absence of stomach sleeping that i dread the most.

glad to hear you got a chance to relax!