Friday, May 04, 2007

Am I evil?

Is it wrong to think my own children are annoying?

Bri talks non-stop and usually in a "lovely" little whine. She is going through a very selfish phase and wants to be in my lap or next to me every time Grant is in the same place. She loves school as evidenced by the fact that she asks to go there during the weekend... but every evening when I ask her how school was; she only tells me bad things. Dylan hit me, Dylan bit Stacy, Arjun didn't share, I didn't get to play on the 'puter (Computer), etc. etc. etc. She actually has a hard time answering me when I ask her about good things that happened today.

Grant hasn't been feeling well this week. We've changing a LOT of dirty diapers and he has the killer diaper rash to prove it. Except now the Dr says that is doesn't sound like a true diaper rash, it sounds like a yeast rash and I actually had to go to the drugstore to buy Monistat for my sons butt! What a week! As a result of all this; he is clearly uncomfortable, often doesn't even want to sit down on his "ouchy tushy" and really wants to be held... A LOT!!!!! He won't eat properly and shakes his head No to everything but Ritz crackers and the Wiggles. Ugh.

At work things should be super easy. Note the careful use of SHOULD BE. The year is ending, lots of fun activities are getting started, and I have a student teacher so I don't even have to work all day! But here's the problem. My student teacher is awful. Her English language skills are questionable, her classroom management is non-existent, and her lessons barely teach anything. I am trying to help, I have done a lot of good things with her, she doesn't listen. She thinks she knows EVERYTHING and gets very defensive when people give her suggestions. She is barely on time each day, often arrives unprepared, and then blows out of here right at the end of the day.

Lord... what a complainer I am today.

I should be planning a fabulous weekend... Girls night out tonight and a weekend without the kids! (No, I'm not killing them or selling them, Grandma actually begged to take them!) I need to find a good mood quick! Maybe I'll see if anyone is selling one on e-bay....

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Anonymous said...

God I was soooooo thinking that yesterday!!!!!

My daughter didn't shut up the ENTIRE head was spinning by 7pm...

Thank you for making me feel normal!