Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I probably shouldn't laugh

I have been silently worrying for weeks (OK- maybe months) about Grant and his lack of words. He says Car, Ball, Cow, Meow, and Dada fairly regularly... but not Mama, eat, drink, etc... words that you would think he would actually need.

The past week or so has shown a good change in his language skills. He has added cracker, milk, and every mother's favorite... No.

That's right... last night... my precious baby boy said No for the first time! Except he doesn't just say no... he mimics the way Brianna says No when she's trying to keep him from stealing her toys! It starts really slow with a drawn out "N" sound and ends in a quick "O".


I couldn't help cracking up! He says it just like Bri... and even makes the same little mad face! It never failed to make me laugh last night... and again this morning. I'm going to have quite a spitfire on my hands!

This may be my first attempt at recording, and uploading video... I just have to figure out the digital video part of my camera... and then actually get him to do it... and then upload it properly... By the time I do all that, he'll be talking in sentences!

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