Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Summer is here!


The good things:
1. More time with my kids.
2. Less time at work (In a moment of December insanity, I committed to teach summer school 2 hours a day).
3. Time to read, get jobs around the house done, watch tv I've been recording for months.

The bad things:
1. Getting annoyed by my kids.
2. My time at work is the only time I seem to find a moment to check the internet.
ie- less e-mail's read, less blogs written, no pictures posted
3. Yeah right, I have been home for 2 weeks and have maybe read 4 chapters of the book I started in March. TV- watched at least a million (each) of Dora, Calliou, and other various PBS kids programs. Have still not watched movies I recorded in April!

Why is it that my "free time" is busier and more stressful than work?

1 comment:

momof2blondegirls said...

Did you just write that blog about my life? I too am VERY familiar with the PBS lineup. Great shows for kids, but OMG, they are annoying.

Try to have some fun this summer. Any big vacation plans?

Take care!