Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nap, where fore art thou?

Have I mentioned lately that my new 3 year old won't nap?

W.O.N.T. N.A.P.!!!!!!

We have achieved 3 naps in the last 7 days... 2 of which were car produced. Moms- you know... Where you drive around in the car until the little one falls asleep.

Yesterday, we achieved a new low. (or high as the case may be). Brianna, who we always gate into her room so she can't wander aimlessly, figured out how to climb over her gate.

The first time she climbed over the gate, I was freaked out because I heard the floor creaking upstairs and knew that no one should be walking around up there.

The second time (10 minutes after time #1), she fell and hurt herself. At this point screaming commenced which woke up Grant and prompted a long car ride to no where. Brianna fell back asleep in the car but her beautiful little brother, who had been napping wonderfully at home, would not go back to sleep apparently thinking that a 30 minute nap would suffice for the afternoon.

The third time (at bedtime), she scared the piss out of my husband who didn't expect to encounter her wandering the hallway at 10:00 at night.

Today, we are driving the 30 minutes to Vernon Hills Mall, where Babies-R-Us is king, and buying a new, very tall, gate. Wish us luck in foiling the monkey!


momof2blondegirls said...

You can mean paretns like us and just turn the door handle around and have the lock on the outside of the door where you can lock her in. Just the same as a gate, but cheaper and full proof!

Jo said...

I definetely didn't think of that...

but we can't close the doors upstairs because our heating/ventilation system sucks and her room would turn into an oven!

I like the theory though!!!!