Monday, November 22, 2004

Monday.... or is it?

Well, It was a very nice weekend, and it's Monday again.

This weekend I spent every spare moment cleaning my house since I had a demo party on Sunday. (You know the kind, someone comes in, shows products, and you guilt your friends who came into buying something so you, the host, can get things free.) Well, the house was perfect, and no one really looked! (I hate it when my husband is right!) However, the house being perfect made me one much calmer hostess, and I had a very good time with the friends and family that came by. I also got 2 fabulous purses for about $16! (Together they should have cost over $100!) PS- I am actually thinking about becoming one of those party expert salespeople. It seems like a great way to become a stay at home mom!

And now it's Monday! But mentally, I think it's Wednesday. This is some pretty crazy logic so I understand entirely if you can't follow along!

  • Friday- I have no work, so it will feel like a weekend day.
  • Thursday- I have no work, it's Thanksgiving, and it will feel like a weekend day.
  • Wednesday- I have to go to work for a half day, but don't have students, so it will be v. relaxed and feel like a Friday.
  • Tuesday- Is a very long day at work, and Thursday's always feel long so Tuesday is my Thursday.
  • Monday (Today)- is the day before my mental Thursday, so it must be Wednesday!

Now do you see what my crazy schedule is doing to my brain?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!

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