Thursday, November 04, 2004

a bad day after a bad week

SO.... I tried to post earlier this week, and I typed A LOT but it wouldn't post... my lame computer probably.

It's been a bad week. I have been stressed at school. My canidate lost the election. Adam is working late a lot and I miss him. And I would have sworn today was Friday.

That's really been the kicker. It's Thursday today and I could have sworn it was Friday! I was so looking forward to a Friday. Then, My day got worse when I called a parent of one of my students and ....long story short.... it ended with her getting my supervisor's name and number. Now, I have complete faith that he will back me up (ok, I'm 90% sure) but who needs to start off thier day with a client complaining and going to thier boss about them!

I sincerly hope today gets better. If not, I may just have to crawl into a hole and hide!

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