Tuesday, November 16, 2004

It's been too long

I don't know where the time goes, except that it is gone.

Last week is a blur, I would have to think hard to even tell you what I did and I just don't want to think hard right now.

One thing though... Did I tell you yet that they changed the lightbulbs in my classroom? and that the new bulbs have given me a migrane EVERYDAY since then! I had to get a Dr's note but now they are going to change them out as soon as possible. (Around here, that means that I'm not rushing to take that bottle of Excedrine Migrane home anytime soon.)

So what's new... nothing! I am busy, busy, busy. Let's see here... it's Tues. afternoon, about 2pm. I haven't yet done the work for my 3:45 meeting... or my Wed. night grad class... or planned my lesson's for the rest of this week! And what am I doing, I am stalling by typing this blog.

I will leave you with the one thought that is getting me through my week, although unless you are a teacher it probably won't mean to much to you.... 6 school days until Thanksgiving break and 23 until winter break with it's 2 weeks off!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!

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