Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I don't know whats wrong with me!

So, it's day 2 of my blog and interesting to me at least.

Nothing is going right today and it's only 8am. I was late to work, I almost didn't get the computers I needed for today's lesson because someone else made a mistake, My lesson is going to go well anyway because I'm going to have to rush it, or scrap it.... hmmmm... thinking...... anyway! AND- Worst of all--- McDonalds, and the pop machine at work, were out of diet Coke! How can McDonalds be out of diet coke? let alone the same day the pop machine is out! On top of everything, I have a potentially nasty parent meeting later today, a staff meeting after work, and I have grad class tonight. Thats not really a bad thing, just not really a good thing to add to my day either.

So besides all that, I'm in an excellent mood. We'll see how I feel about 10 without any caffine but for now, I'm happy. I had a wonderful hug from my daughter today. And she blew me a kiss as I was leaving. (this is a big thing as it has taken us months to teach her that!)

I hope that everyone's day goes better than mine, but that you are just as happy.

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Jamie said...

Dude, I can completely sympathize on the Diet Coke front. As my blog readers know well, DC is the lifeblood that keeps my gears a-turnin. I can't believe MickyDs and your school were out on the same day. I would just quit, right then and there. Or try to hit the grocery store during a passing period. ;)