Monday, October 18, 2004

another weekend gone...

So it was another busy weekend, but a fun one! We had a great time at "Pumpkin Fest" at my husbands school, but it took up our whole day, and more than one day's energy. Sunday, we had a visit from Ian, Heather, and Hannah... which is always a good time. I bought lots of fun stuff shopping! and we had a great evening.

However, another weekend is gone and IT'S MONDAY AGAIN! I have piles of laundry that are threatening to collapse my laundry room floor, I didn't get any work done for school (ok, that might be a product of my inability to focus more than the weekend events), and I have several errands that I meant to run that never got done.

Oh Well! I guess life will go on and I will get the important things done as the week progresses.

I can't decide which would be better... should I make my weekend more busy so I can relax on week days after work, or should I try and get more done on week days so I don't feel so rushed on the weekend?

It's a never ending cycle of fun!

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Carole said...

Personally, I opt for keeping my weekends clear of housework and errands! I'm Carole, owner of And I live outside of Chicago too. Small world! I'll be reading :)