Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I am old!

Last week at school, I showed the kids a movie called, "A Kid in King Arthur's Court". It is a great Disney flick and goes VERY well with our last topic of the year, the Middle Ages. I love that it is an entertaining fiction film but also close to historically accurate in the areas of clothing, homes, foods, customs, entertainment.

It is a little cheesy as it gets older, it was released in 1995. While I associate with so many of the jokes and background props, it is starting to get dated for my students.

  • Some of them had never seen a personal CD player/Walkman and REALLY didn't understand why it has a little red laser/light inside it.
  • These kids didn't recognize a Swiss-army knife.
  • They didn't laugh at the "valley-speak" language when the main character tries to explain that "bad" and "cool"mean good.
  • They kids have no idea why the main character explains something as a "Kill you for your Reebok's street life".
I wasn't a little kid when this movie was new, I was in college for Pete's sake! But I get it, and apparently that makes me old!

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