Thursday, May 06, 2010

Geez... I don't know!

How did it get to be a week between blog posts?
You know... nothing happens, stuff happens, life happens.
I meant to post about...

- the day I was running late, hit every red light, AND the schmuck in front of me let 3 cars in front of him.

- the way I love when I can tell the person in the car next to me is listening to the same radio station because they are singing/drumming/dancing to the same beat as me.

- Chase is REALLY crawling now and has progressed to the slowly following us from room to room and getting frustrated that the big kids are faster than him.

- Brianna has the attitude and voice of a 14 year old! Seriously, her teen years may just kill me!

- Grant is, Grant. He is funny and vocal and still throws tantrum but they are usually about lack of candy. 4 is a great age!

- work is..... there? Whatever, 21 more days of this school year and then the "freedom" of summer in which I send my kids to camp occasionally just so I can have moments of silence.

Life- blog worthy or not, it happens.

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