Thursday, April 29, 2010


Can I please go back to bed now? I know it is only 8:15 am but I have had enough of this day already.

- Chase got up at 5:00 to eat. He only does this once in a while anymore. Most days he sleeps until I wake him at 6:30 and doesn't eat anything until 7:30/8:00.
- Thought I wouldn't fall back asleep so I turned off my alarm. (What a dummy!) Of course then I DID fall back asleep and ended up getting up at Adam's alarm which makes me officially late for the day.
- Did all the usual mom-morning things... got self ready, got Bri up and going, got Chase back up and dressed and medicined, got breakfast for Bri, packed my bag, packed Bri's bag, made lunch and snack for her, put own shoes on, Finally got around to putting Bri's shoes on her... (Yes, I know she's almost 7 and CAN do this on her own but that would take 5x as long!)
- Brianna, who still hasn't finished her breakfast, looked right in my eyes and said, "Are you ready for my shoes, What took you so long?"

People- I almost lost it right there. I have never considered slapping my child before but some little part of my hand itched in that moment. I had to walk away. We were already 5 minutes late but I had to go to another room and chill for a couple minutes before I could look at her little face. Thank God I have a wonderful husband who was dealing with the boys at the time. Although he wasn't nearly as helpful when I came out and Mr. I-think-I'm-soooo-funny said "You wanted to have kids!"

By the time I got to school I was more than 15 minutes late, my students were waiting for me, and of COURSE my principal happened to be hanging out in the hall I had to pass through. My lesson isn't long enough, I gained back the 2lbs I lost last week, and my throat hurts.

Calgon, Take me away!


Jamie said...

my throat hurts, too! slightly swollen, scratchy, and I can hear swallowing noises in my ears (a soft popping) when I drink anything - which of your devil children shall we blame for this plague?

Jo said...

I'm afraid that would be the little cute one!