Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things that should have been done by now....

but just aren't:

  • 90 research papers graded
  • 90 worksheets graded
  • 90 posters graded
  • 180 assignments recorded
  • 90 maps started
  • copies for tomorrow made
  • test for next week finalized and sent to print
  • baby book updated
  • hair cut and colored
  • blog updated
At least I can now cross one off the list! I guess I better get my substantial tush in gear!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

when i get to a breaking point like this, i work in 20 minute segments. b/c when you think about it, i can do pretty much anything for 20 minutes (except holding my breath under water, and doing pull-ups) helps a LOT and then you can give yourself a 5-10 minute break after each phase. set a timer if you have to. KNOCK IT OUT. You can do it!