Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A special smile!

Written Friday, Jan. 15 and found in my drafts...

This week, Brianna is very focused on losing her first baby tooth! Her 2 front, bottom, teeth are quite loose and the adult teeth are already visible behind them. Wednesday, she came home from school and informed me that her friend said that if I used a washcloth and pulled on her tooth it would come out. (Why does EVERY comment lately start with "My friend said..."?) We tried to no avail. I must admit I wasn't pulling very hard. She has her regularly scheduled dentist appt on Monday so hopefully they will take care of it!

And now...

The dentist wouldn't pull it for us- with good reason. They said that if they start pulling teeth, the kids learn to rely on that and expect it for every tooth. Instead, she showed Brianna how to wiggle her tooth in different ways and gave her "homework" to wiggle the tooth after brushing her teeth 2x a day!

A few days later- It worked! The tooth finally came out after working on it for over 5 weeks.

The Tooth Fairy made her first nocturnal visit to our house Friday, January 29th! She brought Brianna a coloring page with a tiny little note in the corner, and left a $2 bill as well. Brianna was thrilled!

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