Monday, January 11, 2010

The weekend of nothing!

This weekend, I barely ventured out of the house, Heck!, I barely ventured out of my house clothes! (You know, the ones that are warmer and less revealing than your pajamas but that you wouldn't actually wear in public.)

Friday- our school district had a SNOW DAY! That most glorious of all unplanned days off that does not involve a sick person or an emergency. And better still- it really was a fine day. The snow ended by 8ish and the roads were clear by mid-morning. I think they were just being "safe". On that day- I threw on some jeans to hit the grocery store mid-afternoon. Who knew that would be the last time I got dressed all weekend!

Saturday and Sunday- I don't know what I did all day! Cleaned, did laundry, fussed around the house, kept the family fed, watched a lot of NCIS and NCIS, LA that I was behind on. I think it was the perfect weekend!

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