Monday, February 16, 2009

Old News...

If you are my real life friend, or found me through my facebook link, you probably already know but...


I've never been good at secrets but I've waited and waited. I am now 13 weeks pregnant, the end of the first trimester. I've started feeling like a functioning human being again and to prove it, today I actually got a project done that I started before beginning morning sickness. I cleaned my room and reorganized part of my closet.

My other kids are thrilled about the news. Brianna has known since around New Years... Grant just found out last week but immediately began telling everyone he knows. Neither of them really understands how, why, or what will come next but they know that they will have a little brother or sister at the end of the summer.

My due date is Aug. 24. Not the best timing for a teacher...
Actually, that day is the first institute day for next school year. I will get to be hot and uncomfortable all summer and then miss 3 months of work with the newborn. If things had worked out more quickly, I was hoping for a May birthday. Clearly, my body had other plans. No regrets though! Better late than never!

I've added a link in my sidebar if you want to read more about what led up to today. That page is called, A Diary of TTC. However, since I can barely update one blog, let alone two, I will probably post everything here from now on. I will try and refrain from TMI.

SOOOOO glad to be out with the news! 6 months and counting... here we go!

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