Friday, January 30, 2009

Funny, Silly, Girl

Brianna has such a personality! Sometimes it bugs me and sometimes I have to hide the laughter behind a well timed cough...

Yesterday, she informed me that she had "The Cold". I said, yeah, mommy has a cold too. She replied with... "Mommy, I have the whole cold, you can't have any."

This morning, she was eating breakfast and drinking a glass of milk, a normal day. I heard her sigh, "Ah, this is my kind of milk!". (And she's right, we do keep 2 types of milk on hand. We call the soy milk "Grant's milk" and the skim milk "Brianna's milk".) It did sound a bit like a woman with her first glass of wine after a busy day.

I love that little preteen wannabe!

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