Friday, February 15, 2008

Thrilled and Chilled

I have been reading Amalah for several years now, ever since Jamie got me hooked.

If you don't read Amalah, you should check her out. I connected right away because at the time she was pregnant with her son Noah. I was pregnant with Grant. CLICK. Noah is actually a scant 3 weeks older than Grant and I still read daily to see what he's doing and how she's holding up. She is funny and real.

Well, this week when her dream of a second pregnancy became a reality, I cried for her. And I cried for me. Because I don't think I will ever know that instant joy caused by a little pink line again. It is becoming more real that we can not afford, or should not afford, a third child. Beyond that, I think we are already outnumbered at 2-2. (The puppy dog face trumps reason every time!)

I will still read Amalah daily and live through her. I will pray for her and wish I lived closer so we could run into each other at the grocery store and I could confess that I'm stalking her.
Meanwhile, I will be a little sad that I'm not pregnant with her this time around.


Jamie said...

I have a brilliant-upon-brilliant idea: You have a third baby, and I'll get my dream sandals for summer. Then we can beg and beg until mom and dad pay for both items.

No? That's not how it works?

Jo said...

I wish that was how it worked... I'm thinking you might be able to swing the sandal thing... somehow I figure they are NOT going to pay for my baby, but I'm hoping to get them to pay for my braces! I hope mom doesn't read this! Don't send her here!