Wednesday, February 13, 2008

But the kids are really good...

I was on a posting roll for a while there... and then....

-3 snow days out of 6 weekdays.
-A home inspection.
-My students turned in a research paper to be graded.
-I added that to the pile of homework and classwork.
(That wasn't getting graded due to house distractions.)
-Parent-Student-Teacher conferences.
-A major competition for the flag team I coach.
(Which was further complicated by said snow days.)
(However we got 1st so that was COOL!)

SO... I've been distracted and out of touch.
And as if that weren't enough, for the last 3 days our work e-mail system has been more down then not. When was the last time you went for more than a day with out comunicating via e-mail at work. I think this might be more detrimental then the snow days!

I feel buried alive.


sarah shepherd said...

Home inspection? Did you get an offer on your house or is this inspection for the house you have an offer on?

Jo said...

Inspection for the one we're trying to buy...