Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My baby is a teenager in disguise

It has been an interesting start to the week with Ms. Brianna. Did you know that she is 3 now? What no one tells you is that 3 is WAY worse than 2! It might be terrible 2 but it's dreadfully, very bad, appalling 3. She knows what is wrong, and that is why she does things. She chooses to intentionally do the things she knows are wrong. Sorry readers of children who are not yet 3... this is typical and it will happen to you too!

Monday, I picked the kids up from school at normal time in the normal way. She put on her coat, she waved goodbye to her friends, we started driving. Somewhere in the first five minutes, we argued because I told her she couldn't take off her shoes and socks. Sometime not long after that, we argued because she wanted to take off her seatbelt. And then because she couldn't take off her coat. And then she started yelling at me.

I calmly and quietly told her that if she didn't stop yelling, she would be in Time out when we got home. She stopped yelling, for a minute or so.

And then it happened, loudly but not yelling, she said "I don't want to go home, I don't want to go to time out, I want to stay at school." She said it again.... and again... and like 25 times after that. Always in the same angry loud but not yelling voice. I wish you could hear it! BUT... that's not the topper... when she finally realized I was not going to respond, she repeated it one more time with a little addition tacked on the end...
"I don't want to go home, I don't want to go to time out, I want to stay at school. Those are your choices mommy!"

I swear I thought I would pee my pants from holding in the laughter! I barely was able to drive the car with the tears in my eyes. I giggle even now, days later.

Tuesday was a completely different little girl. She had her first Gymnastics class with out a parent in the room! We have been doing parent-tot gymnastics for over a year but this was her first class where mommy watched from the observation room instead of helping out with the class. I would be lying if I said I didn't get a little emotional. The start was a little rough. We'd been talking about this for over a week but she clung to me and wouldn't participate. After 15 minutes, she waved at me and blew kisses but still wouldn't do most of what they asked. Finally at 30 min. through the 45 min. class she was back to her old self. I really hope next week goes better. I think I'll make daddy go!

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