Thursday, March 17, 2005


So now that I have decided to tell you all about this absolute miracle that doubles as a temporary form of torture, here is the first thoughts.

I am nauseous, ALL THE TIME. I have found that the only thing that helps alleviate this even a little is eating about every hour and a half. While this, in the past, would have been a dream come true for me, it is actually more like torture. I have to eat very certain foods, in small amounts, and I have to be careful to keep a balance between solids and liquids or my stomach becomes double upset... And any liquids have to be ice cold or my stomach doesn't handle that well either. AND I CAN'T DRINK DIET COKE! I had already cut down to caffeine free for most of the day, but now I can't have any of it, my stomach doesn't approve of even little sips!

Problems with this... I work in a school where I don't actually get breaks on an as needed basis, and they aren't really scheduled on my new grazing schedule. Also, there is very little food available here that actually works for me right now so I have to plan out 3-5 snacks before I leave the house every morning. Lastly, there is no ice available in the entire building. So, either have to buy a new cold water from the vending machines about every hour OR, now I have found that I can get a big thermos of ice ready in the morning and use it as it slowly melts all day long.

My morning routine has more than doubled! I pack less stuff for my toddler than I do for myself when leaving the house now!

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Jamie said...

This whole Diet Coke situation is absolutely tragic. I am mourning your loss.