Monday, May 02, 2011

And the kids think THEY have spring fever!

We have 27 days of school remaining... 27 more "wake-ups" in which I have to drag my tired tush to work.
I can subtract 4 of those days for Field Day, the Last Day, and Yearbook signing/clean-up days.
I can subtract another 2 on which I will be giving tests (no mental effort for me those days).
And I can subtract 2 MORE on which I will have substitutes for personal/professional reasons.

Drum Roll Please.... 19 "teaching" days!

Somehow, that makes it all easier! However, I feel obliged to confess that even with in those days, I put teaching in quotations because it is impossible to actively teach for more than half-a-class this time a year. The kids need activity or distraction part of every period. None of us, myself included, can listen/talk for a full period. SOOO, planning from here on out is based around the following question:

How can I impart information in a successful manner AND make it interesting AND break it up with movies so I don't go insane with discipline??????

I have a love/hate relationship with the end of the year. I want to keep being a good teacher but the kids are so *done* and I am so *done* pushing/fighting them! I'm walking the fine line between staying sane and staying a teacher!

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