Monday, March 08, 2010

Interrupting the silence

I suppose I should explain why I've been away so long... except that most of you who read this actually know me and probably weren't surprised... but for prosperity...
  • I'm still working on this list, minus a few things but plus a few more things!
  • I had my gallbladder out... as discussed here. That went fine but necessitated several days of sitting slightly reclined as to not anger incisions... which meant no sitting up at computer.
  • This baby, who I really need more pictures of, turned 6 months old!! He's an amazing little man and we are so blessed to have him. He hates cereal but if you hide it in the baby food, he doesn't mind that. He loves eating little bits of bread but isn't a huge fan of Cheerios. He like the baby puff things but can't quite get them in his mouth with out some help. He is technically sleeping through the night since he goes 7-8 hours without food but when your last meal is around 7:30pm- that still means mommy or daddy is up between 2-4 to feed him again. We are looking forward to when we can make it 5am! Hear me Chaser... 5am?!?
  • We bought this mini-van. OK- not that exact one but it looks like that if you add some salt/dirt and a tiny scratch on the passenger mirror that I got the first time I pulled it in to the garage.
I suppose in reality, each of those could be their own series of posts but I don't have time. By the end of this month, my work will let up and I hope to be back far more often... posting the usual drivel that no one really needs to know! All my best in the meantime-- Jo

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