Monday, September 21, 2009

4 weeks in a blink

It is absolutely unbelievable to me that 4 weeks have passed since Chase was born. It has been the longest and fastest 4 weeks in memory. He is such a wonderful baby and I really feel that our family is so blessed every time I see his beautiful little face. I am beyond even that joy when I see him with the rest of the family... he is so loved.

+ Brianna and Grant can not get enough of him. We've actually had to make rules and limitations on the frequency and placement of all the kisses! They love holding him (with help) and feeding him (with help) and fetching his things (mostly).

+ He sleeps! I've worried about jinxing myself by saying this too much, but I am going to get over it. Chase actually sleeps at night. (Parents of small children- please don't hate me.) He falls asleep after his 10:00ish feeding, and wakes only to eat again as needed. After each subsequent night feeding, he goes right back to sleep mostly. AND- he is not sleeping ON me. He sleeps in his bouncy seat just next to my bed. We hope to switch to sleeping flat soon but...

- He spits up, a LOT. and sometimes with minimum projection force. We are working on this and in the meantime, the kid LIVES in a bib.

- He is a formula baby. (I type this with regret and resignation.) I breastfed my first two children exclusively for some months before introducing bottles and formula. I enjoyed breastfeeding and know that medical science has proven that it is the best nourishment for an infant. (ie- please don't lecture me) However, in the first 3 weeks of his life, I endured 3 bouts of cracked and bleeding nipples. I had to watch my son vomit my blood instead of the food he should have been getting. I tried to heal... I pumped... my supply decreased... I increased pumping... I cracked and bled more. Finally, with much tears and stress and concern, I gave up. Chase is happy on the formula. I feel I did my best.

I love this little man endlessly. It is still amazing to me how much love the human heart can hold.

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