Saturday, November 08, 2008

What to say?

Not much...

Halloween went well, spread over virtually the whole week so, we have candy EVERYWHERE!

Kids are good. They play nice, they fight, they gang up on us, they love us dearly.

House is good. Went to HOBO today. Bought a decent rug so no one is playing "tackle" on the hardwood in the family room. $50 for a 8x6 rug... pretty good really! That place is a little like a garage sale, or Marshalls, or something. Odd items, for clearance prices. Works though...

Work is still crazy, but not the "earth shattering, who has time to breathe" kind of crazy we were experiencing a week ago. Looking forward to 4 day week this week (Tuesday off for Veterans Day).

TOTALLY enjoying that we have absolutely ZERO commitments this weekend and next... not a single thing on the calendar!

I think that is all for now....

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