Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can you hear my heart cracking?

My baby, Brianna, is sick. :-(

I received a call from the day care today that she was complaining of a stomach ache and was teary eyed. When I picked her up, she still said she had a stomach ache and was just listless. No fever, but no appetite or energy either.

By dinner time, puke city. Now she is sleeping on a blanket, piled on a couple towels, on her bed which is now cleared of all the usual stuffed paraphernalia that normally graces every free space. We are hoping for a good night but planning for the worst.

It's times like these that my heart just breaks a little. I can't to anything to help her, she doesn't understand why. Baby- I love you and hope you wake up feeling better! Love, Hugs, and Prayers are all I can offer right now. Someday you'll be a mommy Bri- then you'll understand.

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