Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Quick Change in Plans...

I said I wasn't going to post from vacation but....

Very cool vacation house, paid for by very cool parents who are here with us, has very cool wireless Internet for which new, somewhat cool notebook computer is compatible.

Quick re-cap so far:
Saturday... (WAY too much driving + with WAY too much stuff jammed in car) x (2 kids who do not want to nap on time + WAY too much Wiggles and Backyardigans DVDs) = INSANITY
Sunday... sleep in, grocery shop, rest, drink alcohol
Monday.... Pontoon boat rental, lots of sun, not quite enough sunblock on the grown-ups (Awesome day! I went tubing for the first time!)
Tuesday.... relax, grocery shopping, Dollar General going out of business clearance, shoe store with 50-70% off.
Wednesday... hectic morning trying to get kids out door to children's museum 1hour away only to get there and find out said museum was closed for the 4th of July holiday. Luckily, the kids think McDonalds playland is pretty cool and don't care about museum when nuggets are involved. Sparklers before rugrat bedtime, alcohol after rugrat bedtime.

So far... lots of fun. Still 2 days to go, and then another driving day... but we will pretend that's not going to happen.

Got to go... Wine coolers are getting warm.

Happy Independence Day Everyone!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Tubing is so much fun!!!

I really am not going to keep updating the old site...I'll be moving my favorite posts to the new one...Come there...