Saturday, July 02, 2005

I am not a Bitch

This comment is mostly for Jamie, but is also something I have recently confirmed about myself.

I just finished three of the most hectic weeks ever. So much for summer being a time to relax, HA! I took two full graduate school courses with a combined 9 projects/papers between them. Meanwhile, I was still trying to find time to spend with Brianna and Adam, and heaven forbid, find time to rest so that my pregnant body doesn't self destruct on me! If you've never been pregnant, you'll figure out this comment when you are!

I technically still have one of the nine papers to write, but I have until next Friday so in true procrastinator style, I am waiting until after the fourth to start. I deserve a weekend.

Anyway, back to my original idea for this post... I am not a bitch.
1. Jamie- I warned the few readers of this blog that updating it would be almost non-existent for a while!
2. In my recent class on leadership, I learned that I am not a bitch, I am a leader. What I need to work on I guess is when to lead, and when to step back and let someone else lead. OK, I have a lot of things I need to work on but that is a biggie for me.

My Affirmations:
1. I do not have to be in charge and know everything all the time.
2. I need to take time for myself.
3. I need to learn when to be friends with someone, and when to simply be friendly.

I hope that everyone is well, and having a safe holiday weekend. I'll try and get back sooner rather than later. With pictures!


Jamie said...

Oh silly lady, my comment was blog banter - a sarcastic way of expressing my disappointment that you aren't posting very often. I don't ACTUALLY think you are a bitch.

In other news, those affirmations sound very healthy and productive. They are hard lessons to learn, each of them. Good luck! Love you.

Jo said...

Jamie, Of course I already knew this. But is was a nice prompt for an update.