Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Great Day in America

Yesterday Adam and I took Bri to Six Flags Great America. It was a BLAST! Yes, I know she is only two and cant ride 95% of the rides. WHO CARES!?! It was a not-too-hot day, sunny but not baking, and we had fun till Bri dropped. Literally.

We ate hot dogs and funnel cakes.
We walked, a LOT.
We rode the kiddy rides.
We tried out the new waterpark;
kiddy area,
wave pool,
lazy river.

As a last stop we hit a shop (it's illegal to leave with out an overpriced souvenir to round out overpriced day). In the 5 min. I needed to find the perfect thing. Bri fell asleep. Sitting up. In her stroller. Drooling. Pictures will follow next week.



Jamie said...

Holy Hurricane Harbor! Did you see the old, bald man with the glasses and flippers there?! Was he doing the roger rabbit in the shallow end of the wave pool?!

Carole said...

Hey, I live up there in Lake Villa.

Did you see the crazy bald man?

Jo said...

Nope, didn't see the bald man. I think he's a little scary anyway!

Carole, Nice to meet you! Welcome.