Monday, May 16, 2005

naked at work

If you are here because of the title... go away Perv!

Our e-mail system is down today and I feel totally isolated! I work in a huge school, more than 200 staff members, most days our school is more like a small company than what most of you remember from your school days. We really rely on our e-mail system to pass messages, get information and just to be connected. Without that in place, I might as well be naked at work. I feel alone, isolated, and anxious.

Normally we have this really wonderful system. Every 5 minutes it checks for new e-mails and if I have one, it lets me know with a little "ping" sound. I love the "ping". I need the "ping".

I'm sure that somewhere in the building, or in the district office, someone is running around like a chicken with thier head cut off trying to fix this. I wish I could help.... I wish I could do something!

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