Friday, December 03, 2004

hello everyone

Hello to all of my imaginary friends who I imagine read this! And to Jamie who I know reads this!

It has been a long week! Apparently I like exclamation points today!!!!!!!!!

I have actually planned a movie for the students to watch today just so I can NOT do work. Now, in my own defense, it is perfectly timed with our curriculm and it is educational. However, I needed some time to do personal things like download pictures and reply to emails, and update my blog! It's not that I don't have grading and other work related work to do... I just promised myself that I would do the fun stuff first.

I love my job!

Now, as personal punishment... I am coming in to work on Sunday morning to have uninterrupted time for planning, grading, and grad school work. I am a crazy woman... who actually cares about her job and profession. Around here, sometimes I think I am alone in caring about my job and profession! Realistically though, I like to be a leader, it's part of my personality. And sometime I don't understand the people who just sit back and let things happen. AND.. I get really pissy when they complain about the results but won't help change things!

Enough for today... I am off to get some fatty snack to reward myself for not having dessert last night. Even I know it's messed up, but I do it anyway!

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