Tuesday, September 06, 2011

An open letter to the parents of the world...

Dear Parents of school age children.

If you disagree with your child's teacher, please attempt to do so civilly.
If you MUST get forceful, do so with the full understanding that you may be harming your child.

A good teacher will not dislike your child. They will give the child several chances.   However you, the parent, will never get a second chance to be liked. The teacher will never willingly call you again and therefore you will not receive the notice you'd really like about your child.  Heaven forbid you get a teacher who is not so good...  a teacher who's already iffy... you've just put your kid on the permanent hit list.

Thank you!
Educators everywhere

**I origionally wrote this months ago and stuck it in "Drafts" so I could cool down.  It is no less true now than it was 6 months ago!

** See also this article which I didn't write but I completely agree with!

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